Terms and Conditions

P&P Srl, Via Castelli 40, 56025 Pontedera (PI) Italy is a limited company, operating in the field of tourism and travel.
Furthermore we act as sales partner for reservations for Il Borgo di Colleoli La Dolce Vita Srl, hereafter referred to as Borgo di Colleoli.

Upon completion of the transaction you will receive a confirmation of your reservation.
From this time onwards, as the transaction has been concluded, you are bound by the following conditions of contract. The respective invoice will be sent to you upon full payment of your booking.
Please note that it is important that, upon receipt, you check the details of your reservation with care as, in case of deviations, all costs must be borne by yourself.

Customer rights
When the transaction has been completed and paid for in full, Borgo di Colleoli is obliged to provide you with the accommodation according to the conditions stated in the confirmation of your reservation. The final allocation of rooms will be made at the time of check-in.
Please note that our website (www.borgocolleoli.com) is constantly being updated and provides you with the latest information on the Borgo di Colleoli.
Furthermore it could occur that certain apartments or facilities of the Borgo are temporarily unavailable, e.g. due to renovation work, damage caused by water, wind or other natural forces, or there is not sufficient availability due to essential repair work which must be carried out at either the beginning or end of the season, or for other justifiable reasons. In these cases you are entitled to cancel your reservation without penalty.

Duties of the customer
Should we not have received payment from you by the agreed date, your claim to the reservation will expire.
P&P Srl has the right to cancel your reservation without any further notification.
Any deposits which have already been made will be returned to you, less our reservation costs of € 50.00 per booking.
If you wish to change or even cancel your reservation, please observe our conditions for amendments and cancellations.
In case you are not yet of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or provide written proof of their permission.
Please note that the rules and regulations of the Borgo Committee must be respected at all times, as well as the local and national laws.

Booking on behalf of a third party
If a reservation is made in the name of a third party, then we assume that the booking has been made with the full knowledge and agreement of the respective person.
Under no circumstances are we therefore liable for unauthorized use.

We recommend that you take out appropriate insurance cover as your holiday may have to be cancelled for reasons beyond your or our control.

The total cost of your accommodation is due on the day of booking the reservation.
However, if there are at least 90 days between the time of booking and your planned arrival, you can either pay 100% of the total amount at the time of booking, or a deposit of 20% of the total amount due and the outstanding balance 45 days prior to your arrival.
If you wish to pay by credit card (only possible for bookings made online), we will debit the amount from your account according to the conditions stated at the time of booking.
If the payment by credit card is unsuccessful, or the bank refuses to issue payment, the reservation will be cancelled as a result.

Changes in reservation and cancellation
If you would like to make any changes to your reservation, then you should bear in mind that it may not be possible to fulfil your wishes at the time of the request due to availability. Furthermore the provider of the accommodation is not obliged to fulfil your request.

In all cases we will do our best to amend your reservation as requested in keeping with the conditions of this agreement. There will be a charge of € 25 per amendment.

We always do our best to avoid any changes on behalf of the Borgo di Colleoli.

If, however, an alteration to your booking should be unavoidable, you will be informed as soon as possible in writing.
In addition we are obliged to offer you a suitable alternative of a similar standard and in a similar location.
In case you do not wish to accept our alternative offer, you are entitled to cancel your reservation without penalty.
No further claims may be made on your behalf.

If you should cause injury or damage to the Borgo di Colleoli or to a third party during your stay, then you agree to pay full compensation for all resulting damages which may be claimed against us, the local representative or the Borgo di Colleoli.

With regards to cancellations, please note that any cancellation charges depend on the date of cancellation; i.e. the earlier a reservation is cancelled, the lower the cancellation costs.

More than 60 days prior to the date of arrivalNo cancellation penalty. A one-off reservation
fee of € 50.00 per unit booked will be charged.
59-30 days prior to the date of arrival 20% of the total cost of the accommodation
29-15 days prior to the date of arrival 50% of the total cost of the accommodation
14-5 days prior to the date of arrival 75% of the total cost of the accommodation
4-0 days prior to the date of arrival100% of the total cost of the accommodation

At your arrival you will be asked to leave a deposit as guarantee for the apartment and all the items into it. Please note that accepting out Terms & Conditions you accept us to deduct any damage from the deposit above. Also, you will be responsible to pay all the costs in case the deposit is not sufficient to cover the damage.
The amount of the deposit is Eur 200 to be pre-authorized on one credit card.

Limitation of liability
We do not accept any liability. Any potential claims for compensation for damages arising during your stay must be made to the proprietor of the estate, La Dolce Vita Sr.

If you should have any cause for complaint during your stay, you should try to clarify this immediately with the hotel staff. If a satisfactory solution can not be found, then our local representative (if available) or our administration office will do their best to help solve the problem.

In all cases we act as an intermediary agent between you and the respective owner of the property.
If you do not adhere to the above mentioned procedure, then you are not entitled to raise any claims against us, either during or after your stay.

Complaints will be accepted in writing only up to a maximum of 3 months after your stay.